Stone Axe Pastoral herds showcase Australia’s best Crossbred, Purebred and Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu, resulting in beef of the highest possible quality - the definitive taste of Australian Wagyu.

With herds located in hand-selected, resource rich regions across Australia, Stone Axe Pastoral is a world-leader in luxury beef production, building the world’s largest vertically integrated Crossbred, Purebred and Full Blood Wagyu enterprise.

 Company timeline



Mr Chris Walker becomes president of Levi Strauss Company in Japan


Mr Walker becomes President of HMV Group in Japan


Australia received its first Wagyu genetics, a single Purebred Wagyu female from USA


While living in Japan, Mr Walker purchases 2,000 hectares of farmland near Tarana, NSW. The future location of the Walker family’s famous Wagyu business


Mathew Walker becomes director of the family Wagyu business


Five Full Blood Wagyu animals are exported from Japan to USA by the Mannett Group - two bulls (Michifuku and Haruki II) and three cows (Suzutani, Rikitani and Okutani). Initially, the Australian Wagyu herd was greatly influenced by these five Full Blood Wagyu animals


Mr Shogo Takeda exports 35 Full Blood Wagyu heifers and five Full Blood Wagyu bulls from Japan to USA. Semen from four of the bulls is exported from USA to Australia

Mr Walker purchases a 50% interest in three registered Full Blood Wagyu bulls (Hongen status), 84 registered Full Blood Wagyu cows (Hongen, Kihon and calf status) and semen from three other registered Full Blood Wagyu bulls (Hongen status). E.T. Japan acquires the other 50% interest


Japanese government agrees to allow Mr Walker to export his Full Blood Wagyu herd to USA

The Walkers construct their own dedicated quarantine facility on Hokkaido Island


The Full Blood Wagyu herd departs Japan for USA following quarantine. Sixty-three cows were artificially inseminated prior to departure

The herd arrives in New York, clears USA quarantine and is transported to Iowa

Japan reinstates a ban on the export of all Wagyu genetics. To this day, no further Full Blood Wagyu genetics would ever leave Japan

Over the next few years, thousands of embryos are produced at Iowa and Texas (USA) & Calgary (Canada) embryo production facilities and exported to Australia for embryo transfer at the Walker family farm.

The three sites produced tens of thousands of semen straws at the Hawkeye facility in Iowa


The Full Blood Wagyu herd is split in two, with Walker’s taking direct ownership of 50% of the original Full Blood Wagyu herd and E.T. Japan taking direct ownership of the other 50%. Walker’s 42 Full Blood Wagyu cows remain in Iowa for a further two years


The Walkers move their 42 Full Blood Wagyu cows to Calgary, Canada, for continued embryo collection.

The Walkers acquire E.T. Japan’s Wagyu herd (now in Texas). The Walkers now own 100% of the original Full Blood Wagyu herd that left Japan


The Walker Family conduct its inaugural Full Blood Wagyu bull sale


The Walker Family conduct the second Full Blood Wagyu bull sale selling 42 bulls and 19 females


Properties remain with the Walker family. Seventeen original Japanese born and registered Full Blood Wagyu cows, 10 selected bulls and high-quality semen from 001, 002 and 003 remain at Colenso

The Walker family rebuilds its Full Blood Wagyu herd at Colenso under the AWA herd pre-fix CWW


Colenso property and the CWW Full Blood Wagyu herd are purchased by Mathew Walker

Mathew Walker and James Robinson (at Cicero Advisory) conceive the concept for a large-scale Full Blood Wagyu business based in Western Australia; named Stone Axe Pastoral Company Pty Ltd.

Stone Axe Pastoral acquires Ginjo Full Blood Wagyu breeders

Stone Axe Pastoral appoints Don Nicol as its Wagyu geneticist and breeding expert

Stone Axe Pastoral enters into an embryo production agreement with Holbrook Vet Centre

Stone Axe Pastoral enters into a weaned calf production agreement with CalfCorp

Cheviot property granted a 634 megalitre ground water licence from Department of Water


Stone Axe Pastoral acquires Moyhu Full Blood Wagyu heifers

Stone Axe Pastoral acquires Chokyori Full Blood Wagyu herd (rich in Tajiri genetics)

Stone Axe Pastoral’s Full Blood Wagyu embryo donor herd reaches 250 head

Holbrook Vet Centre performs its 800th Full Blood Wagyu embryo transfer for Stone Axe Pastoral

Stone Axe Pastoral secures the 3,200 hectare Cheviot property, Kojonup

Stone Axe Pastoral’s first embryo transferred Full Blood Wagyu calf is born at CalfCorp


Stone Axe Pastoral acquires initial recipient herd in Western Australia

Stone Axe Pastoral’s 1,000th embryo transferred Full Blood Wagyu calf is born at CalfCorp


Roc Partners makes equity investment into Stone Axe business

Stone Axe purchase Glen Alvie property located in Ebor, NSW

Scott Richardson joins Stone Axe as Managing Director

Stone Axe expands land holding in New England region by purchasing Alfreda

First Embryo transfer programs are completed at Cheviot Hills and Glen Alvie


The first Full Blood Wagyu calves are born on Cheviot Hills and Glen Alvie

Stone Axe enters into lease with Rural Funds Management (RFM) on Dyamberin and Woodburn located in Wongwibinda, NSW

Stone Axe completes over 3,000 embryo transfers


Stone Axe purchases Cobungra renown Full Blood Wagyu and commercial EU accredited herd and enters into lease with RFM on Cobungra Station located in Victoria

Stone Axe acquires Margaret River Premium Meat Exports Pty Ltd (MRPME), which consists of 18,000 head of Purebred Wagyu and Crossbred Wagyu


Stone Axe Wagyu named Full Blood Wagyu Class Champion and Grand Champion at AWA Branded Beef Awards